The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation offers Pilates-based exercise across the Haslemere and Hindhead, Surrey area.

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Tel: 07900 181873

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Small classes (4 persons max) providing a personal training session where specific needs of individual can be addressed.

6 week class pass works out at £15 per class when booked in one go.

PAYG costs £18 per class.

Studio Class - 6 Week Pass

SKU: studio-pass-6wk
Select Pilates Experience
    • Buff Bones: A brilliant exercise system (based on Pilates) to help maintain strong bones and improve low bone density.                              

    • Pilates in Pregnancy: Stay energized mobile and strong through all 3 trimesters!! Learn how to use the big ball for some great exercises as well as how your body changes as you prepare for birth.  


    • Postnatal Pilates: Come and do some gentle but effective exercises to help your body recover from birth and pregnancy regardless of when you had your baby (you must have had your 8 week check first) Diastasis Recti, prolapses and other issues CAN be addressed.

    • Pelvic Floor and Health Dysfunction: Exercises specifically for this area for the body. Learn how to find and use the muscles correctly. Prolapse issues also addressed.

    • Pilates for Menopause: a time of a woman's life where it is important to listen to the body and know what exercises are going to help the body.  

    • Fixing Diastasis Recti: can be caused by a number of different reasons such as constipation, lots of coughing or post pregnancy, I am here to give you the right exercises to reduce the gap and get you back on track with strength building and correct posture. 

Pilates Class Bookings 07900 181873

The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere
The Wellwoman Fitess Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere