Congratulations on the birth of your little one!


Pilates exercises will help new Mum's recover from pregnancy and birth. Regaining correct posture, core strength and mobility it is a great way to ease the body back into exercise and can be done with baby so no need for babysitters! My new studio is all geared up for mums & babies!


Sara's Experience: 

Having over 15 years experience in teaching postnatal women (and having 3 children of her own) Sara is a higly experienced Pilates teacher in this area having trained with Carolyne Anthony (The Center for Women's Fitness in America) and will address c-section recovery, diastasis recti, back issues, realigning the body, pelvic floor weakness & dysfunction and help you get back into shape. As it is a slow controlled form of exercise it will also help you (and baby!) feel relaxed.


It is encouraged and good for new mum's to do gentle exercises soon after birth to aid the postnatal recovery as it is such a safe form of exercise. If you have a C-section then it is recommended that you wait until your postnatal check up. Please enquire at the time to see if there are any specific postnatal classes running in the area.


Take that first step to helping you feel fitter and better and get in touch with Sara at


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The Post Natal App

Download App


If you have an iphone you can download The Postnatal App - created and produced by Sara Rounce. 

A gentle yet effective exercise program based on Pilates to help women get back into shape after birth focussing on the tummy, pelvic floor and posture using strength & mobility exercises.

Can be used anytime after birth for recovery from c-section and natural delivery. Easy to dip into - ideal for busy Mums.

The price is just £1.99


"Sara's postnatal class was just what I needed after the birth of my first child. She literally knitted me back together and gave me techniques that I could use every day. It was also a great mental tonic in the early days of motherhood. Creating a well needed moment to focus on myself and wellbeing."

Lou, Mother of 1 and number 2 on the way!

The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation offers Pilates-based exercise across the Haslemere and Hindhead, Surrey area.

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The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere
The Wellwoman Fitess Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere