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TWFF Magic Green Ball Movement & Release Workshop

TWFF Magic Green Ball Movement & Release Workshop Date: 22nd November 2019 Venue: St Albans Church Hall Beacon Hill

Cost: £30 (without the ball) or £38 (with the ball) Spaces will be limited.

 To secure your space email me directly now! info@thewellwomanfitnessfoundation.co.uk

So, as many of you are already aware I attended a fabulous 'Rocking & Rolling to Release' course with the wonderful Carolyne Anthony at the beginning of April.

I learnt so much and came away feeling the best I have ever felt. I spent about 7 hours rolling & moving around using my #magicgreenball & flowing movements to release the fascia and mobilise my body. I was on cloud 9 when I finished and it felt like I had no tension left in my body! It was truly amazing!  So, I want to offer a session out to you with my own take on it and see what you think of my green pressure balls that can also be purchased on the day.

The workshops in June & September were a huge success and for that reason I am offering out another date in November.

I have been given such positive feedback from those who attended my previous workshops have . Here are just a few of the comments about the workshop and the effects of the ball:


'That ball has been a life saver! I use it whenever I start getting pain in my neck (the arthritis) and it calms it and stops it travelling to my shoulder - amazing!! ' Abbi - July 2019 'Such a great class, thank you! Perfect time frame. Explained & demonstrated well, plus benefits of the ball interesting & useful. I definitely felt more relaxed after the class both physically & mentally. I have terrible neck and upper back problems, so I really do think I will benefit from this. If another class came up I would attend.'  Jo  - June 2019 

'I wasn’t sure what the magic ball workshop would be like but it was fun as well as beneficial.  My shoulders felt like they had been released somehow and I’m sure it did all my muscles the power of good.' 

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