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Updated: Jan 11

Why Runners should also do Pilates

As a runner and a Pilates teacher I have combined the 2 things for over 17 years and have reaped the benefits - very little injury, feeling stronger, knowing how to stretch and move in-between runs and understanding how much Pilates and running complement each other especially with running technique.

Pilates works on the alignment of the body, the breath and the core as well as all over strength and mobility work and training the body to move correctly. All those things that are important for running as well.

I really put this to practice in 2019, when I finally faced up to my biggest ever challenge and ran my first marathon. It was an amazing journey of discovery about what my body and mind were able to achieve - there were high's and low's and most of the training was extremely hard. But I trusted my body because I had confidence in it's ability and my awareness of alignment and core strength meant lower risk of injury. My Pilates training helped me believe I could run that distance injury free.

Here are a few of my favourite exercises for running:

1. Single leg Squats - for leg strength and training the glutes to work instead of over using the knees

2. Bicycle - for mobilising & good leg movement

3. Back Extension - for opening the mid & upper back for better posture when running

4. Glute Strengthening - lie on front tapping heels together

5. Hip Hinge - for opening the hips and training the gluts

I'd love to know if you combine strength work and running and whether you feel it helps you run better. Do comment and share your thoughts.

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