Updated: Nov 12, 2019

You may be deciding that now is the time to return to or try out different forms of fitness and exercise. This is great but it is so important to take your time after your body has been through so much and it is key not to do anything too vigorous too soon. The body needs time to heal whatever the birth type.

So what should you do to ensure you embark on that new exercise routine safely…?

After 6 weeks your first point of call should be a postpartum specialist - whether they are a physical therapist, Women’s Health Physio or Women’s Health & Fitness Specialist. It is important that your postnatal body (whether you gave birth 6 weeks previously or you are 10 years further down the line) is assessed in terms of your core connection and function, posture alignment and pelvic floor health before you return to any kind of fitness activity. This is so that your body can be retrained with the basics before you start things like jumping, running etc.

So what are the basics…?

The ‘basics’ include the correct breathing method and the function of the core - how to connect and use it correctly when making movements. Also to know how much strength you may have or don’t have already and trying this in different exercises in a calm, controlled way. This re-education is provided in such a way that you can use your new ’tools’ as and when you need them during your daily activities.

What if you have ‘lingering symptoms’…?

If you are aware of lingering symptoms 6 weeks or more postpartum these should be checked out! You can be assessed and issues identified by a specialist who can then refer you to the right person or assist in the healing process. Perhaps you suspect you have a Diastasis Recti (tummy separation) or poor posture, or a weakness in the pelvic floor. If these issues are not addressed they can really impact the quality of life and also get worse with age.

What if I don’t want to do exercise or am not ready to yet…?

It’s important for the body to be retrained even if you don’t want to embark on any particular exercise or activity. The core rehab training is key to daily activities and movements not just when exercising so is just as important to go over this regardless of your exercise levels.

What help is out there for you…?

As a Women’s Health and Fitness Specialist I offer FREE postnatal consultations where you come for an informal assessment and chat. I help with breathing (yes! Re-learn how to breathe properly!), Diastasis Recti recovery, pelvic floor health and dysfunction, posture and alignment issues as well as core strengthening and core function.

This re-training can be in the form of private 1-1 sessions or you can attend my 6 week postnatal group core rehab course.

Tell me more about the 6 WEEK POSTNATAL CORE REHAB COURSE…:

I run a 6 week course aiming to get you and your body retrained with the basics and ready for that exercise or activity you are eager to do! It’s a 6 week rehab course. We rebuild your core strength and function to allow you to do movements and exercises safely (such as the plank). If you are interested please get in touch as soon as possible and let The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation help you jump into that activity you so want to enjoy!

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