Exercise Tips for the Festive Season

Do you find this time of year has an effect on your mind & body? Colder weather, long dark nights, the temptation to eat more unhealthy & drink more alcohol, more bugs to catch, more time sitting, less motivation or time to get yourself out moving your body?

Well you are not alone! The only thing I like this time of year are the colours! I don't often admit it but that is honestly all I like! I am not a winter person! I certainly do not like getting and being cold - it has a huge negative effect on my body! As a Pilates teacher and Women's Fitness Specialist, I am forced to keep moving my body throughout the week as I teach my classes and sometimes fit in my own practice. If I didn't move, my body would start to slowly seize up and tension would increase, my shoulders would start to hunch as I closed in on myself and basically I would feel like I wanted to hibernate!

Can you relate to this feeling too?!

My simple advice & tips through these winter months and as we approach the busy festive season are:

1) Wrap up warm and keep moving - indoors or out! 

2) Strengthening movements are great as they will get the circulation flowing and heart rate & heat increasing!

3) Mobilising movements will work on your ability to keep moving and to stop things seizing up!

4) Stretching to open out the body! 

5) Book a regular class - try and pay up front so that you are more committed to going!

6) Devise your own little workout routine that you can do at home or if you have been sat down for too long!

7) Sign up to workouts you can do at home with expert tuition - ideal to do when you can fit it in to your life! (Why not subscribe to my newly launched video library  - now available through the website - introductory offer currently available!)

8) Get some good sleep so you can keep yourself going!

9) If you really struggle set yourself a challenge for the new year or Spring so your motivation keeps you going throughout the next few months!

10) You will never regret working out!!

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The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation offers Pilates-based exercise across the Haslemere and Hindhead, Surrey area.

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The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere
The Wellwoman Fitess Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere