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Pilates for Men

Do you suffer with back pain or poor posture?

Pilates is an exceptionally good form of exercise for both men and women. Many men suffer with back problems and issues relating to career choices and life style. Often men only seek out Pilates when they have been advised to find a class by a doctor, physiotherapist or other health practitioner.

Do you do a lot of sport?

Are you a golfer, climber, runner, skiier? Pilates greatly complements all other types of physical activities and helps prevent injuries as well as maintaining good posture and core strength.

Some of the benefits of attending a Pilates class:

  • Help improve posture

  • Help strengthen the core muscles

  • Help recover from back injuries, postural problems and back operations

  • Help you regain overall strength,

  • Mobility and general fitness

  • Improve your quality of life!

If you would like to come along to any of the classes let Sara know. Not sure? Come along for a trial!

If you prefer to have a consultation or 1-2-1 then please contact Sara:

info@thewellwomanfitnessfoundation.co.uk Tel: 07900 181873

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