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Pelvic Floor Health

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The pelvic floor is a very important area of the body as it is where our centre is and it has many functions. To have a strong and stable pelvis is essential for the rest of the body to work correctly. However there are certain times in a woman's life when changes in the body can affect the pelvic muscles. Sometimes we can actually have weakened and overtight pelvic muscles leading to a dysfunction.

After completing Carolyne Anthony's Pelvic Floor Health & Dysfunction course in 2015, Sara now offers specialist exercises to help with pelvic floor issues, weaknesses and disorders. Usually done through a series of 1-2-1 sessions Sara will tailor exercises to suit your specific needs.

Do you suffer with either of the following?

  • Leakage of urine during coughing, sneezing or laughing?

  • Difficulty during birth?

This may mean you have a tight or weakened pelvic floor.

Problems and dysfunction of the Pelvic Floor can come about through:

  • Improper body mechanics whilst lifting heavy objects

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Excessive high impact sports

  • Poor nutrition

  • Hypermobility

  • Straining when using the loo

If you'd like a chat, a consultation or a 1-2-1 please contact Sara: info@thewellwomanfitnessfoundation.co.uk


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The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere
The Wellwoman Fitess Foundation | Pilates Classes by Sara Rounce, Haslemere